REMINDER: Ruediger John @ 4. Triennal of Contemporary Art, Friedrichshafen, Zeppelin Museum

Dear Friends and colleagues,

please let me direct your attention to the ongoing exhibition at Lake of Constance, Germany where the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen is showing my collaborative contribution to the 4. Triennal Of Contemporary Art.

The Exhibiton shows works of some 35 artists - among them Lida Abdul, Carls Ahlander, Sofie Thorsen, Zoe Walker & Neil Bromwich, Rainer Ganahl, Yves Mettler, Alexander Odermatt and Roman Signer - in multiple venues around the lake crossing the borders of Austria, Switzerland and Germany (Palais Thurn und Taxis Bregenz, Kunstraum Kreuzlingen, Kunstverein Friedrichshafen, Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen) and could be worth a visit.

/ 4. Triennale zeitgenössischer Kunst / 4. Triennal Of Contemporary Art
/ "Nichts zu deklarieren / Nothing to declare"
April, 4th - June, 22nd 2008
Friedrichshafen, Germany

The process of the work "INDEX - an artistic archiving project" is maintained by my colleagues Christof Salzmman and Ulrike Shepherd since i am currently in the US for a lecture and the preparation of an upcoming work but will be at the Lake of Constance again in mid June and happy to welcome you.

Ruediger John

The image above shows "a panoramic view of the installative work which serves as an archive to the process-oriented approach to create an index of remains of regional history, of past and current local peculiarities as well as pieces of evidence of cultural similarities and differences among the three nations bordering the lake.
The archive is being formed by an ongoing collection of objects and quotes of everyday life by residents of that very region. Combined with condensed and pointedly written narrative and descriptive texts merging provenances, personal stories and a broader perception of the cultural and communal live within this intersection of peripheral areas, a detailed but nonetheless open infrastructure is created which can be explored by the audience delving into the sparsely lit labyrinth - thus triggering personal memories and spurring individual stories.
The archiving and associative process is conducted using an artistic perspective on creating a repository of cultural goods, attaching meaning to them, communicating pieces of knowledge and insinuate references - thus generating the notion of importance and inciting connotations beyond the sheer presence and story of the individual object."

More images and text from the catalogue publication:

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