CENTRAL PARK 1 AM at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Rose Cinemas


a short movie on a walk through Central Park at night
1994/1997, ca. 35 min.
by Ruediger John

CENTRAL PARK 1 AM is a documentary-like short narration on a visit of Central Park New York at night while officially closed, creating a pensive and eerie atmosphere. Several places in the park, barely visible and abandoned, sharply lit by a night-vision system and a blend of distant sounds of the city with unidentified sources nearby create a tension of loneliness and the mysticisms of everyday occurrences amidst a modern Metropolis.

Filmed in 1994 by the artist Ruediger John while being invited to Columbia University and loosely referring to his narration with the same title, it was first aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN) and on Queens Public Television (QPTV) and has since been shown on several occasions, in exhibitions and at art film festivals.

This screening is a teaser for the premiere of Ruediger Johns latest theater/performance work which will be staged at the BACKSCREEN (see separate announcement).

March, 15th 2007
6:30 pm
free admission

BACKSCREEN @ BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Rose Cinemas, 30 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY

›CENTRAL PARK 1 AM at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) Rose Cinemas‹ by Ruediger John