Family Values / Familienwerte / Valeurs de famille / Valores de la familia


Installative interventions in private nyc residences as a situative aesthetic approach on micro-politics in social subsystems.

At five venues in New York City, Manhattan (Upper East Side, Chelsea, Midtown, Greenwich Village, Hells Kitchen)

Tuesday, September, 19th to Monday, September, 25th 2006

“- Ever been to a private dwelling at Upper East Side, perhaps to one with a magnificent view on Central Park and a porch appropriate to the social position of its inhabitants? It might look like a pleasure to live there at first, but you shouldn’t judge too easily. The remnants of familiy traditions fill as furniture actually generous town lofts and are often accompanied by newer objects made to look alike; or interior designers have left undeniable traces in a permanent race to compete in what is representative and socially indispensable. But more things linger in the heads of some old-established family bonds, network of relatives, not to mention the neighbours – among them some stories you don’t want to know and topics you should better not come up with. But let’s have a look just at the furnishing and see what we can do about that…”

Along with an ongoing conversation with the inhabitants, the artist Ruediger John altered furnishings and interior design elements within the residences, added objects and parts to camouflage or as situative emphasises – according to his aesthetic approach of artistic work. Focused details by taking photos will become part of the permanently exhibited art.

This exhibition is part of a week-long series of events and meetings referring to the european turn-of-the-century intellectual salon culture. Curated by Paul Kovac, in five private spaces an invited audience will meet, participate, discuss and enjoy exhibited works of art, literature and music, performances and presentations. To be visited by invitation only.

›Family Values / Familienwerte / Valeurs de famille / Valores de la familia‹ by Ruediger John